10 Mouth-Wateringly And Delicious Chutneys

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Allam Pachadi - A Beautiful Gingery ChutneyThe food from Andhra Pradesh is known for being high on the spice quotient and for the chutneys. Mouth-wateringly delicious chutneys are a specialty of this state, a wide variety of them, each with a perfect balance of flavours. The people of the state are also known to prepare some unique chutneys that are seldom heard of, which taste equally good. All of the chutneys from Andhra Pradesh taste brilliant when mixed with hot rice and a generous amount of ghee.

Sigh! Just writing about these yummy chutneys makes us drool! So, we thought we’d share the recipes for some of these chutneys, which will make you want to run to the kitchen instantly, to try them out.

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