9 Daily Habits of Stylish Women

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9 Daily Habits of Stylish Women© Diego Zuko/Harper’s Bazaar 9 Daily Habits of Stylish Women

While there’s no universal code or to-do list that all stylish women adhere to, there are a few select habits that aid the process of crafting a good outfit every single day. From checking the weather to selecting the right undergarments, here are the quick daily routines that keep the best-dressed women on top of their style game.

1) They keep their closet organized

Young woman getting ready to go out© Sofie Delauw/Getty Images Young woman getting ready to go out

While Cher Horowitz may have been able to craft a covetable outfit from a pile of clothes on the floor, it’s not as easy a feat for everyone else. Hanging up, folding and putting away your clothes instead of throwing them around your room will speed up the process of selecting your outfit and help you edit your look and see exactly what pieces you’re working with.

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