How to Become Your Boss’s Favorite

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2. Make it easy for your boss to give you feedback

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As much as you don’t enjoy receiving critical feedback, your boss probably likes giving it even less; most managers feel awkward about delivering criticism, and some actively dread or avoid it. Your boss is likely to find you an absolute delight to work with if you make this easy on her by doing things like actively soliciting feedback via questions like “Do you have thoughts on how I could do X better?” And, of course, don’t get upset or defensive when you get criticism, which will just reinforce any discomfort your boss had about delivering it in the first place.

3. Pay attention to your boss’s “themes”

Most managers have certain hot buttons or categories of things they particularly care about – whether it’s responsiveness time, how to play to a particular political sensitivity or budget issues. By paying attention to the things your boss asks about most often or most closely manages you on, you can often draw larger lessons about the sorts of things she’ll care about in the future. You can then use that knowledge to proactively address those things before she needs to ask about them.

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