9 Daily Habits of Stylish Women

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2) They check the weather every morning

Woman looking out the window© Kathrin Ziegler/Cultura RM/Getty Images Woman looking out the window

Make The Weather Channel app your best friend. You can be wearing the greatest outfit ever, but if it’s not fit for the temperature or rain, then it’s not a good look on anyone, i.e. suede shoes in the middle of a torrential downpour or layer upon layer on a day that turns out to be 80 degrees.

3) They plan their outfits out ahead of time

Image of pretty young woman going through her outfits - Indoors© Dean Mitchell/iStock/Getty Images Image of pretty young woman going through her outfits – Indoors

While it’s not always ideal to select your outfit the night before, giving yourself adequate time to plan almost always ensures a more put-together look than something you throw on as you’re running out the door.

4) They give themselves enough time to get ready in the morning

Smiling African American woman attaching earring© Peathegee Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images Smiling African American woman attaching earring

Not all of us are gifted in that we can pull ourselves together in 10 minutes and still have that effortless, Parisian look. Give your snooze button a rest and wake up early enough so that you can put some time into your look.

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