Must See Waterfall Attraction in the Maharashtra India

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Amboli Falls

The Amboli Falls, which is in the Sindhudurg district is one of the most important waterfalls in the state of Maharashtra. The very fact that it is sandwiched between the picturesque Konkan Coast and the scenic Western Ghats is enough proof of the fact that this waterfalls is one of the most ecologically safe and remarkable waterfalls in the country. Sindhudurg is situated in the extreme south of Maharashtra and can be enjoyed the best while visited during the monsoon and winter seasons of July to December. The highest waterfall here is around 400 feet and is one of the major tourist attractions of the district. This district is highly famous, as it houses the Amboli hill station and waterfalls.  The waterfall is just about a km away from Amboli hill station.

This district is also famous for its other waterfalls, like Nagartas fall (320 feet tall) and Savdav waterfalls which are in close proximity to the town of Kankavli. Napne Falls (250 feet tall) and Vyagreshwar falls (300 feet tall) are some of the major falls in this area. These waterfalls are in close proximity to the towns of Vaibhavwadi, Tarale and Kudal town. The Chinchgarh falls are another famous falls in this area.

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