14 hottest jobs in a new India

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Used car evaluators (Rs16,667): India is also a big market for this segment and many first-time buyers often consider buying used cars. This job involves valuing an old car’s selling price.

Actuaries (Rs66,667): An actuary deals with risk analysis, mainly in insurance. The work includes pricing policies and calculating annuities and pension rates. Many consumer durable brands now offer easy payment options along with insurance schemes for mobile phones and other electronic products, thus requiring an actuary’s expertise.

Simulation engineers (Rs21,875): These engineers often test new products to gauge functionality, performance and safety.

Nutrition officers (Rs31,250): With most Indian FMCG firms looking to include more healthy products in their portfolio, nutrition officers are increasingly in demand. They help the companies develop new products by keeping in check the products’ dietary and nutrition values, especially for firms in the food-related segments.

Store promoters (Rs18,000): This involves promoting products in a retail store through live-demonstrations.

Spanish tour consultant (Rs32,200): Spain has of late emerged as one of the most popular holiday destinations for Indians. This has also resulted in niche jobs like tour consultants who help plan vacations.

Food production specialists (Rs43,750): Hotels and restaurants need experts on food resulting in a demand for specialists. The job can involve following safety compliances, dealing with vendors, and quality control, besides other responsibilities.

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