4 Habits of Billionaires

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2. Take good care of yourselves

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Matt Frankel: One of the most common habits of billionaires isn’t directly related to saving, spending, or earning money — billionaires take good care of themselves. Studies have shown that wealthy people exercise more and have healthier diets than those of lesser means, and both of these things affect people in ways that can help build wealth.

According to one study, 78% of wealthy people do aerobic exercise at least four times per week, which can improve mood, boost energy levels, and promotes better sleep, all of which can increase productivity and performance at work. On the diet side, 70% of wealthy individuals consume less than 300 calories per day from junk food, in sharp contrast to just 3% of the poor who do the same. A healthy diet can reduce stress levels and increase productivity — and lead to the obvious financial benefit of fewer medical bills.

Aside from the benefits of more effective performance at work, a healthy lifestyle means you could work longer. The later years of one’s career are generally the highest-earning years, so being able to work several extra years could mean millions in extra earnings.

Now, I’m not saying this is a perfect correlation by any means. There are plenty of people in excellent shape who don’t earn much, and there are plenty of rich individuals who love junk food. In fact, Warren Buffett is notorious for his love of Coca Cola and ice cream. However, it does make sense that living a healthy life increases your chances of advancement at work, success in business, and ultimately, the ability to accumulate wealth.

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