The world’s highest-paid bosses revealed

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While the typical CEO earns 204 times more than the average employee, the planet’s top earners easily dwarf this figure. Thanks to lucrative share options and inflated remuneration packages, these CEOs are raking it in big-time. We count down the highest earners from 30 to number one.

30. STEVE ELLS, CHIPOTLE MEXICAN: $28,924,270 (£20.3M) A YEAR

30. Steve Ells, Chipotle MexicanChipotle co-founder Ellis has taken a significant pay cut in 2016 due to food poisoning problems, which lost Chipotle a lot of customers, but he is still the highest-earning fast food boss in the world.

29. W. NICHOLAS HOWLEY, TRANSDIGM GROUP: $30,245,400 (£21.2M) )

29. W. Nicholas Howley, TransDigm GroupThe company chairman and CEO has been instrumental in transforming TransDigm into a major aerospace player worldwide, hence the ultra-generous remuneration.

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