Fairphone 2 Review: World’s First Modular Smartphone

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Google has ploughed millions of dollars into creating what it believes is the future of electronics: Modularity. Through Project Ara, the tech giant has set out on a mission to transform the most ubiquitous of modern day technologies and create the world’s first modular smartphone.

Unfortunately for them, a small Dutch startup has beaten them to the punch.

Fairphone set out on a mission in 2013 to open up the supply chain of smartphones and trace materials back to the source. Working with traceability initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the startup launched an ethically-minded smartphone that same year. To keep pushing towards a truly fairtrade smartphone, the next version of the Fairphone has completely reimagined the smartphone.

“Thanks to the 60,000 people who purchased our first Fairphone and all the support from our greater community, we were able to take the next step in our strategy and invest in an original design for our latest device,” Daria Koreniushkina, a spokesperson for Fairphone, tells Newsweek .

“Our solution was to engineer the Fairphone 2 around an innovative modular architecture that would enable subsystems to be easily repaired and replaced. It allowed us to make a phone that lasts longer and gives users a stronger sense of ownership.”

But how good is it as a day-to-day smartphone? We got hold of one of the first handsets to take it apart and put it to the test.

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