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In the last few months, smartphone makers have looked more upbeat about smartphones in the range of Rs 10,000-15,000. For users looking for smartphones priced below Rs 10,000, the options are comparably limited. After impressing with devices such as the Mi Max and the Redmi Note3, Chinese company Xiaomi has come up with successors to its hugely popular Made in India smartphone Redmi 2 Prime (Rs 6,999). The successors, known as the Redmi 3S and the Redmi 3S Prime, are a major improvement over it not just in terms of the build quality and looks, but also power.

The Redmi 3S is priced at Rs 6,999, while the Redmi 3S Prime costs Rs 8,999. Both devices will be available only on Flipkart.com and at Xiaomi’s official store Mi.com from 9 August (Redmi 3S Prime) and 16 August (Redmi 3S). We take a look at some of the key highlights of the Redmi 3S Prime which makes it a better bet than its predecessor.

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