8 perfect honeymoon destination hotels made of ice

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3. Hôtel de Glace, Canada

Despite being located just ten minutes from Quebec City centre, Hôtel de Glace feels more like a remote Nordic adventure. Inside the thick, snowy walls lie intricately designed rooms and a cavernous bar where you can dance the night away.

Winter at the Hotel de Glace (Shutterstock)

© Wanderlust Winter at the Hotel de Glace (Shutterstock)

Winter at the Hotel de Glace (Shutterstock)

The hotel changes its theme each year – past wintery delights include ‘Journey to the Center of Winter’ and an homage to the First Nations. For the ultimate experience stay in one of the hotel’s Premium Deluxe suites, which boast crackling fireplaces and private spas – perfect for a winter honeymoon.

4. The Ice Cave, Japan

The Ice Cave on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, is an icy paradise. Situated within the magical Alpha Resort Tomamu ski resort, the hotel has only one room so it’s heaven for couples that want to escape from the world. There’s also an ice-hewn chapel for winter weddings.


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The resort itself is like one large glowing rainbow – everything from the ice-hewn igloos to the trees give off a soft light making it feel warm and romantic, despite the freezing temperatures. And freezing it is; everything from the plates to the glasses are carved from ice – you can even make your own ice goblet with an ice pick.

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