The world’s 9 most haunted places

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Paranormal destinations that are guaranteed to spook even the most skeptical of travelers. Here is the List of world’s nine haunted places.

9. Poveglia Island, Italy

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The site…

In the Venice Lagoon between Venice and Lido, this small island was a place where mainlanders fled to seek refuge from invaders. In the 14th century Venetians infected by the Bubonic plague were sent here to die – and, when they died, they were burned on giant pyres. The site was also used as a mental asylum during the 1800s.

The ghosts…

The ghosts of the patients and victims of disease are said to haunt the island and its buildings. Voices and screams are often heard, and visitors have reported seeing dark, fleeting shadows. Many visitors say they begin to feel an oppressive evil feeling as soon as they step on the island.

Current situation…

The island is totally abandoned, with many locals unwilling to step foot on the island for fear of being cursed. Fisherman also refuse to fish in the area, worried that they will drag up human remains.

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