Job interviews: Recruiters reveal the five worst mistakes you can make

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2. Hungover, drunk or high

Ambra Benjamin, an engineering recruiter at Facebook, says drunken interviewees “happen a lot more than one might think.”

The unnamed man had been “a little too aggressive with the hotel minibar, got hungover and missed the entire 4-hour interview the next morning.” He did not get the job.

Her favourite was a candidate being interviewed by a company director in a nearby coffee shop. After the interview, she messaged the director to ask how it went:

“It was fine I guess,” the director replied. “I mean, he asked me if I wanted to go smoke weed after the interview, so I guess you could say we hit it off…”

3. Not stopping talking

Recruiter Matthew Lancy described one candidate who after acing his interview, then proceeded to force his interviews to look through his pre-prepared work.

“In the end the interviewer had to tell him to stop so she could get to her next meeting on time,” he wrote. The candidate didn’t get the job.

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