The world’s richest billionaires families on the planet

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These wealthy dynasties are worth billions of dollars and many keep their cash close to home by employing children, grandchildren and other family members in their businesses. Read on to find out who’s on this rich list.


Net worth: $15.6 billion

From: India, but are now British citizens

Brothers Srichand, Gopichand (pictured), Prakash and Ashok control a multinational conglomerate with interests in transport, banking, technology, energy and the media. The group was started by their father Parmanand in the early 20th century. The four children’s own sons and daughters are also actively involved in the group.


Net worth: $17 billion

From: India

The Premji family, owners of IT giants Wipro (Western India Products Limited), initially started in food after current chairman Azim’s father Mohamed began producing peanut oil in the 1940s. After his father’s death, Azim (pictured) expanded into soap and then computers and software, which is largely responsible for the family’s fortunes. Azim’s son Rishad is also on the board.


Net worth: $17.7 billion

From: Germany

Founded in Hamburg by Werner Otto in 1950, the Otto Group – which son Michael (pictured) now owns and runs – is the largest mail order company in the world and the web’s second largest retailer after Amazon. Michael and his family also own a number of shopping centers in Germany and a real estate portfolio across Canada and the US.


Net worth: $18 billion

From: USA

Brothers Samuel (pictured) and Donald run media company Advance Publications, own publishing giant Conde Nast and have a stake in TV operator Discovery Communications, having taken over from their father, who started with just one newspaper in New Jersey. Donald’s son Steven is also involved on the newspaper side of the business.

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